Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning and Washing Sacramento

Moss, algae, lichen and other harmful organisms can grow on roofs if proper care and attention is not paid. Not only do they eat at and deteriorate the roof’s shingles but they leave ugly streaks and spots, ruining the look of your home or property and leaving a bad impression on passersby. They can also provide a feeding ground for an array of bugs. Keep in mind that just because you don’t see the black streaks caused by algae does not mean that the algae is not already growing on your roof’s shingles.

This is why it is in the best interests of a property owner to get his or her roof inspected and cleaned regularly. Regular roof cleaning and maintenance extends the lifetime of the roof and saves you a lot of money down the line on repairs and replacement. Not to mention that a healthy, clean roof can increase the resale value of your property.

Sanders Cleaning Company has a proven track record in providing premium-quality roof cleaning services to residential and commercial properties in the Sacramento area. Our professional roof cleaners guarantee complete removal of mold, lichen and other contaminants to prevent damage to your roofs and restore the beauty of your home.

A DIY approach to cleaning your roof can be dangerous as you are working at unsafe heights. You could also use the wrong chemicals or products, causing further damage to the roofs. Leave the job to professionals who are trained to do the work right, safely and quickly.

Types of Roofs We Clean

Roofs are made from different types of material. We clean all types of roofs including:

  • Asphalt Shingle
  • Metal Roofs
  • Wood Shingle
  • Tile
  • Slate Shingle

Pressure Washing V.S. Soft Washing

The type of washing/cleaning technique we use on your roof will depend on the type and condition of the roof. For concrete or metal roofs, pressure washing is effective. This involves using high-pressure water to wash off dirt, mold, grime and algae. Another cleaning option is soft washing or chemical cleaning which, as the name implies, involves using eco-friendly chemicals to remove destructive growths on the roof. We use a specially-formulated cleaning application that is potent in removing roof contaminants but at the same time, gentle on your roof shingles.

Sanders Cleaning Company Provides High-Quality Roof Washing Services

We are dedicated to preserving your roofs by providing the best quality roof washing services you’ll find in Sacramento and its surrounding areas. Our trained technicians are experienced and know the most appropriate and effective roof washing techniques to get your roofs healthy and clean. We comply with EPA standards in all our operations.

Sanders Cleaning Company’s service area includes Rocklin, Folsom, Vacaville, Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, Roseville, West Sacramento, Yuba City, Auburn, Fairfield, Citrus Heights, Vacaville, Grass Valley, Alta, Carmichael, Woodland, and beyond.

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