Solar Cleaning


More and more residential and commercial property owners are switching to solar panels. This is because solar panels give them independent control over their power source and boosts energy savings. Although solar panel upkeep is relatively minimal – especially when you compare them with generators that have movable parts that usually need to be replaced at some point – solar panels still need to be properly cleaned a few times a year for optimal functioning and efficiency.

Why You Should Get Your Solar Panels Professionally Cleaned

There are a number of reasons why you should get your solar panels cleaned. For one, bird droppings, dirt, grime and other elements block out sunlight, reducing the amount of light that actually hits the solar cells of the panels. This means you get much less power than you would if the solar panels were clean. To truly get the most ROI on your solar panels, it is critical that the solar cells are clean and absorbing the maximum amount of sunlight possible.

Another reason not usually considered is the fact that contaminants like bird droppings do have some acidic content that can actually damage the glass of the solar panels over time if they are not removed.

Some solar panel manufacturers may claim that their panels are self-cleaning but this is not always the case. Depending on the climate and location of your property, dirt, dust and other elements can still build up on the surface of the panels and reduce energy/power generation, even on these supposedly self-cleaning solar panels.

Another popular misconception is that rain water provides sufficient cleaning for solar panels. This is not true as rain water can actually leave mineral deposits on solar panels which obstruct sunlight from hitting the solar cells.

How Often Should You Clean Your Solar Panels?

Generally, you should have your solar panels cleaned every six months. However, the frequency of cleaning varies depending on the location of the solar panels and the climate conditions of the area. For example, solar panels in dusty areas will obviously need to be cleaned more frequently than those not situated in dusty locales.

Types of Solar Panels We Clean

There are different types of mounts for solar panel arrays. Our technicians are experienced in cleaning solar panels on all types of mounts including:

  • Rooftop Mounts
  • Carports
  • Ground Mounts

It is extremely unsafe to clean solar panels on rooftops by yourself without the right equipment and without taking the proper safety precautions. We strongly advise that you get professionals to get the job done. Our technicians have the tools, equipment and expertise to safely and efficiently access rooftop solar panels.

Premier Solar Panel Cleaning Company in Sacramento

Sanders Cleaning Company takes pride in providing premium-quality professional solar panel cleaning services. Our goal is to ensure that residential and commercial property owners maximize ROI for their solar panels by keeping their panels clean. Our technicians have years of solar panel cleaning experience and are dedicated to 100% client satisfaction. We cater to clients in Sacramento, the Greater Sacramento area, Placer County and El Dorado County. Give us a call today!