Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Sacramento

Windows enhance the beauty of any home. They are also functional as they let in natural sunlight, heat and air. However, if you neglect to clean your windows regularly, they can become unsightly and degrade the overall appearance of your property. Not only do dirty windows look bad, it is also unhygienic to let your windows accumulate dirt, dust and grime as these pollutants can affect your health. For professional window cleaners dedicated to getting the job done right, look no further than Sanders Cleaning Company!

Located in Sacramento, Sanders Cleaning Company has been providing professional window cleaning services to homeowners in the Sacramento area since 2015. Our service area includes Greater Sacramento, Sacramento County, Placer County and El Dorado County. Our team of experts specialize in professional window cleaning services for residential properties. We take immense pride in getting your windows back to pristine condition as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

We use specialized equipment and environmentally-safe, biodegradable cleaning agents to get the job done efficiently. Our team of professional window cleaners is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, nothing less.

Our technicians wash all types of residential windows – french pane, single pane, double pane, skylights and more. We work in apartments, townhouses, private homes and other residential properties. Not only do we thoroughly clean the window glass but we also clean sills, frames, screens and other surrounding window structures. Our services include both interior and exterior window cleaning.

What To Expect

Below is a general outline of our window cleaning process. Some windows might need more work than others. We adapt our process based on the condition of the windows.

  • First, we schedule an appointment with the client.
  • At the agreed-upon date and time, we arrive punctually at the work site. Our technicians visually inspect and assess the condition of the windows to determine what type of cleaning is needed, what tools to use and what safety precautions, if any, our workers need to take.
  • Next, we prep the area around the window before working. Our technicians protect your floors, window treatments and surrounding furniture if necessary.
  • We then clean the sills, tracks and frameworks to get rid of debris, cobwebs, dirt and other elements. If applicable, screens are removed and cleaned.
  • For exterior windows stained by bird droppings, mulch spores or other build-up, we safely scrub away these contaminants with a scraper.
  • We thoroughly wash the windows using professional-grade equipment and our specially-formulated, non-hazardous cleaning solution. Our washing technique ensures that your windows are spot and streak-free.
  • We reinstall screens, if any, once we are done and clear the work area.

One-Stop For Professional Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can be time-consuming and an unnecessary hassle if you try to go it alone and do it yourself. It is dangerous to use a ladder to reach windows at high heights. Sanders Cleaning Company saves you the time and energy. Our trained technicians have the expertise and tools to get your windows looking brand new. Contact one of our friendly representatives for more information.